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June 21, 2012
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Pokemon Sprite Fusions Ultimate Pokedex by TheMagicCrafter Pokemon Sprite Fusions Ultimate Pokedex by TheMagicCrafter

Pokemon Sprite Fusions Ultimate Pokedexby TheMagicCrafter

Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Animals©2012-2015 TheMagicCrafter
Edit: This picture has been stolen by another site! Here's the link to their website!…

1. Herbshrew: (Grass) It lives in forests and uses its root/tail to get moisture and food for itself by sticking it in the ground.

2. Thistleshrew: (Grass/Flying) It hates how ugly it looks in its reflection. One time when trying to kill itself over this, it learned to glide on air drafts.

3. Florashrew: (Grass/Flying) After getting its beauty back, it flies across whole towns with its leaflike wings.

4. Flarepup: (Fire) It challenges any pokemon to a fight, but it loses most of the time because it's all bark and no bite.

5. Flarewolf: (Fire/Dark) It starts a fire in one part of a village and steals food while everyone's distracted.

6. Flareroark: (Fire/Dark) It was once a man bitten by Flarewolf and was set on fire, becoming this fearsome beast.

7. Newater: (Water) It spends its early years in the water. Some try to be brave and venture onto land before running back because of how fussy it is about its environment.

8. Axobotl: (Water/Poison) To attract mates, males dig a huge hole in the ground, fill it up with water, and dip its poisonous tail into the water to kill organisms living in it; the most barren pools get the most notice.

9. Vialmander: (Water/Poison) It travels across the world following the currents of rivers and seas. It only stops and ventures onto land when its time to breed.

10. Glowrat: (Dark) Its fur glows in the dark. When it is foraging, it is easily found by predators.

11. Lumirat: (Dark) If anything attacks it while it's not ready, it will ferociously assault the enemy when it doesn't expect it.

12. Ruuk: (Normal/Flying) They are so violent, that they attack humans. Any Trainer who has one is frowned upon until it evolves.

13. Tranbusken: (Flying/Fighting) Having learned not to be so nasty to humans, it protects them with its life.

14. Unfezaken: (Flying/Fighting) It trains by itself in dark areas. The reason why some are in the wild is that they escaped from trainers.

15. Bhaah: (Normal) Herds of them wander around aimlessly, they are so gullible that they can be tamed without even being captured.

16. Bleet: (Normal) They like to herd Bhaahs away from danger. When two herds meet, they merge into one and both Bleets stay herders.

17. Weeple: (Bug) They can eat anything that is plant material, even wood. They have infested houses and eaten enough to destroy them.

18. Kakupod: (Bug) Its horn shoots out a web for it to hang onto while awaiting evolution. Their shells are very brittle though, leaving them hard to find.

19. Tamantila: (Bug/Fighting) Its arms are poised on the sides of its head while it chases its victim. Once in reach, the arms swing down and kill the target.

20. Kabupie: (Bug/Rock) It lives inside rocks amoung countless others. Only the hardiest predators to get them out.

21. Rokuna: (Bug/Rock) It grows arms and legs to move about while it awaits evolution. It cannot eat, but it kills prey and comes back evolved to eat them.

22. Rokkopede: (Bug/Rock) Its skin is as hard as granite and marble mixed together. Any prey it killed as a Rokuna is found and eaten.

23. Feesh: (Water) They swim in shoals consisting of itself and Remola. They are easy prey for Coralfeesh and Dozeel.

24: Coralfeesh: (Water/Rock) When it waits for food, it doesn't move, not even a twitch, before prey comes close and is eaten at the speed of sound.

25. Eelfeesh: (Water/Electric) Its teeth carry electricity in them for cooking prey on the surface of the water. They are often poached for these teeth.

26. Flatfeesh: (Water) They swim so awkardly that Feargulls can catch them very easily.

27. Eketite: (Poison/Fighting) They trap prey with their tails and then claw at the victim's face.

28. Archam: (Poison/Fighting) Its tail can extend out to reach vines to swing on or to latch onto prey.

29. Darushrew: (Fire/Ground) It gnaws holes in trees for it to live in. On the ground it steals food from other creatures.

30. Daraslash: (Fire/Ground) They live in groups, with one as the leader. The leader is distinctive from the others by its shiny quills.

31. Shroomodd: (Grass/Poison) They once were onions growing in polluted soil. They were mutated into Pokemon.

32: Bregloom: (Grass/Poison) It hops up and down to keep its brain healthy from the poisonous mushrooms on its head, which help it fight.

33: Vilevoir: (Grass/Psychic) The flower on its head creates seeds that'll one day be sprouted into Shroomodds. It telepathically plants each one with its mind.

34. Shoopa: (Normal) It mainly lives in flooded caves and sewers. It eats moss to keep its body luminous if it gets dark.

35. Panran: (Ground) It digs around for seeds planted by Vilevoir. When it finds them, it hides them in a tree stump for safekeeping.

36. Manesear: (Ground) It runs so fast that people think it didn't move at all. It runs tirelessly to the nearest food supplies to give to villages.

37. Pantik: (Electric) When something builds up static electricity, thousands of Pantik attract to it. They consume the static and speed up evolution.

38. Galvansage: (Electric) It rubs its legs together to create static electricity. This is to protect Pantiks.

39. Panraid: (Water) Some people catch Panraids because they believe that they can turn them into free denizens of the ocean.

40. Octipour: (Water) It has no bones in its body, and can compress its body in cracks or stretch up to the length of a football pitch. It lures prey with its singing.

41. Ghogon: (Ghost) It runs around trying to scare people with its costume. However, most people consider it adorable.

42. Cavepole: (Rock/Water) Millions of Cavepoles are spawned in underground lakes every year. They migrate to rocky outcrops where they evolve.

43. Cavelett: (Rock/Water) They spend all their lives in caves, especially water based ones. When holes are found in cave walls, it's said that Cavelets burrowed in there using their mouths.

44. Cavetoad: (Rock/Water) Because of their powerful muscles, they can climb up cave walls and even come out into the sun.

45. Goolia: (Poison) They are born in big clumps of slime, and as it shrinks, new Goolias are made. They eat by simply oozing over food.

46. Oozette: (Poison/Psychic) It likes to play tricks on men by turning itself into a woman, then when they try to find it, it melts away and escapes.

47. Dwepinch: (Bug/Steel) It grabs prey with its fake mouth and throws it around like a ragdoll before eating it with its real mouth inside its body.

48. Polutant: (Poison/Steel) Its body is like a waste disposal plant, where the prey's oxygen is converted into toxic gases. The plant it once had for nourishment has died.

49. Spinker: (Bug) If a wondering pokemon gets lost in forests, it is ambushed by millions of Spinkers and Spedian and is killed.

50. Spedian: (Bug/Flying) They live in Spinker Colonies as the captains of their armies. They wait for Spinkers to pin down their prey before they bite them.

51. Spizor: (Bug/Flying) The overlord of the Spinkers and Spedian. Spizors command their servants by scooping up Spinkers and dropping them on their prey, while Spedian follow them.

52. Planton: (Water) Millions are born in rockpools every year. Only a few will reach evolution. Once big enough they drag themselves out of water to evolve.

53. Scuvenger: (Water) They collect Krabby armour to put on their own bodies, even if they have to kill them. Without their armour they are worm-like creatures.

54. Koncher: (Water/Fighting) When they evolve, their armour evolves with it. Its claws trap fish and crush their bones before they are eaten.

55. Korola: (Water/Ground) It wears a piece of coral on its head as well as a strange looking clam on its body. It can tuck itself into the clam and roll around.

56. Dozeel: (Water/Psychic) When makes noises using its trunk, it sounds like its laughing.

57. Drowgong: (Water/Psychic) It is so lazy that it does all its natural activites while sleeping.

58. Drowbro: (Water/Psychic) If it falls asleep in the middle of something, the shell on its head bites hard to wake it up.

59. Feargull: (Flying/Steel) Its feet have talons made of steel. They grab and stab prey, instantly killing it.

60. Igga: (Ground/Grass) After hatching, they stay in a group to avoid danger. Those that evolve leave the group and become solitary.

61. Iganna: (Ground/Grass) They live in trees and sometimes underground. There are stories of Igannas that migrated to other islands by sea.

62. Triguana: (Ground/Dark) The middle head is the boss of the other two. If one head annoys the other two, they eat it. It needs all three heads to survive.

63. Magilithe: (Fire/Water) It is said that Magilithes are capable of dragging livestock into the water and drowning them. So far, no proof has been found.

64. Goldaunt: (Dark/Water) It is said that it is extremely loyal to whoever catches it, where it will protect them with its life. So far, no evidence has been found.

65. Hopguin: (Normal) It lives in a flock of many on ocean crags. They cannot swim and rely on Pringuin to feed them.

66. Pringuin (Normal) It burrows into craggy cliffs and raises its chicks there.

67. Emperior: (Normal/Flying) It doesn't look after its chicks. It is able to get a running start and take off like a jet plane to the south.

68. Manytails: (Ice/Psychic) Its tails drag behind it, almost like a squadron of snakes. Those who touch its tails are temporarily controlled by it.

69. Zommander: (Ghost) It was once a lizard that died upon falling in a pit made by a rotting tree stump. Many years later it resurfaced as a monster.

70. Wrongzom: (Ghost/Dark) The open wounds on its body lead to pergatory. It is said that it is just a corpse being controlled by spirits.

71. Flamost: (Ghost/Fire) It mainly lives inside volcanoes. However, some escape and cause havoc with their firey touch. They burn out upon contact with water.

72. Supurplume: (Ghost/Fire) It is fifty percent fire and fifty percent lava. Everything they touch will go up in flames and melt.

73. Angil: (Fighting/Flying) It has a split personality. One moment it is good, another its bad. Its two wings represent both personalities.

74. Justigon: (Fighting/Flying) Its flies around looking for crime to fight and laws to break. It is because of its split personality.

75. Fairygon: (Dragon/Normal) Its wings are too small to let it fly. Instead it uses them to glide while running.

76. Drakoon: (Dragon/Rock) It is a pupal stage for Fairygon. It is slow, but its shell can withstand blows from a sledgehammer.

77. Nightgon: (Dragon/Dark) It is able to turn into darkness and fly into someone's brain. Once it's inside, the victim's mind is trapped by nightmares while the body is posessed.

78. Jigeal: (Ice) It lives in icy places and gets about by rolling around. When threatened, it can puff itself up.

79. Blizzybluff: (Ice) Their bodies are made of a strange icy paste that allows them to take control of snowmen and other ice sculptures. When heated, the sculptures shrink away.

80. Mienchop: (Fighting) So far, they are the only known pokemon to form tribes. Some say they could have civilization in many years time.

81. Hoodoovoodoo: (Fighting/Ghost) They catch prey by using voodoo to turn into big monsters, then once caught, the victim is tortured with black magic. Its favourite food is the fear of its victims.

82. Kecameleon: (Grass/Fire) Contrary to its looks, it can grab prey and burn it with its tounge. It mainly eats Spinkers and Spedian.

83. Shinge: (Fire) It playfully sets things on fire. This is why it is now illegal to keep one as a pet. Some have ignored the law and use Shinge as weapons.

84. Luxva: (Fire) Its mane glows red to indicate its fire to others, when not in use and to keep cool, the mane turns black.

85. Stanpom: (Normal) It grabs plants with its hand and puts it near its mouth. When fighting with others, the hand slaps the opponent.

86. Stantlipom: (Normal) Not only can it run on the ground but its hands can pull it into the trees. It fights by punching and slapping the opponent.

87. Shupfish: (Ghost/Water) The dark magic that surrounds it can create hands to drag helpless prey into the grip of the tentacle on its underside.

88. Zicanth: (Ghost/Water) It was once bait to lure and catch Sharpedos, but it was abandoned and the drowned creatures inside took over. It eats by putting prey in the zipper on its side.

89. Lucade: (Fighting) It captures Sevipers and skins them. It has feuded with Trappajaw.

90. Trappajaw: (Fighting) It needs the skins of Zangoose to hunt efficiently. It has feuded with Lucade.

91. Trappade: (Fighting) It is said that a female Lucade and a male Trappajaw had an egg. They hid it from their clans and it became this rare species.

92. Spysel: (Dark) At nightfall, the colour of its fur changes to blend in with the darkness.

93. Wyvernee: (Dragon/Flying) Despite its name, its actually a bird. As it is gets older, it becomes more dragon-like.

94. Wyvernite: (Dragon/Flying) It can fly around the world without getting tired. Many of them gather to mate at mountains.

95. Bomoon: (Steel) There are no organs in the head, it is all in the body. This means it can explode many times and not pass away.

96. Purunktank: (Poison/Ground) It leaves a foul smell on the ground with its tail. Those who find the trail are instantly in disgust.

97. Gabachu: (Dragon) It is famous for its amazing bite attacks. They can snap shut at the force of a beartrap.

98. Gardigon: (Dragon) It is without peer in sky combat. While its wings can let it fly, it still leap into the air and glide into enemies. It grabs prey and drags them out of the sky.

99. Pialdragon: (Dragon/Steel) Thanks to its metallic insectoid armour, it can fly extremely fast, cut through metal with its pinchers, and even shatter stone by shooting at it with its leg cannons.

100. Midgette: (Psychic) It is so tiny, that it often is adopted by Spinkers or Weeples, which are bigger than itself.

101. Giantette: (Psychic) It is one of the biggest pokemon ever. If it sits down, it creates a large chasm underneath. It is legendary amoung men.

102. Atlantle: (Rock/Water) When it dives, the cannon on its back fills up with water. It is known as the turtle of the gods.

103. Hershelles: (Rock/Water) If shot by its Midas Cannon, the victim is turned to gold and cannot move. It keeps greek treasures in its shell.

104. Rapturr: (Ground) When it finds a target, it will never stop attacking the prey until it dies. They're so ferocious that they attack each other.

105. Rexorus: (Ground/Steel) It is the first creature to use metal armour. Its arms and horns can destroy boulders larger than itself in one swipe.

106. Chickan: (Normal) It stays within its eggshell for protection. It usually stays with its mother hiding behind its back.

107. Motheron: (Normal) It looks after both its own eggs and ones it finds laying around abandoned. Its pink crest reddens over time.

108. Seedape: (Ghost/Grass) A voodoo mask posessed a field of rapeseed and now travels the globe spreading allergies.

109. Zapgon: (Electric/Dragon) It carries electricity in its horns. It fires electric charges from its mouth into lakes to paralyze fish and eat them.

110. Eviwott: (Normal) The heart shape on its stomach fires beams of light to make its enemies find it too adorable to attack.

111. Ultreon: (Normal) Multicoloured rays of light hit an Eviwott and it evolved into this. It posesses fire, water, electric, dark, psychic, grass and ice powers.

112. Koffish: (Poison/Water) It releases toxic substances into the water where it lives. This is why it only lives in polluted waters.

113. Tarr: (Rock/Poison) Millions of years ago, giant Tarr made up tar in tar pits. Even in their descendants today, they are fossils of dead pokemon in their bodies.

114. Weedhackor: (Grass/Fighting) When two fight, they will not stop until one of them is dead. Raising them to to kill each other is now an illegal sport.

115. Muddos: (Water) They live entirely on seaweed for their food. So many can can inhabit one rock pool, it makes it more blue than it actually is.

116. Swampodon: (Water) The male version of Laprodon, Swampodons use their slimy arms to pin down Flatfeesh, before piercing them open with its knife-like jaw.

117. Laprodon: (Water) The female version of Swampodon, Laprodon simply walks over its prey to eat it.

118. Rhysaur: (Grass/Fire) When it's angry, its blood reaches the temperature of the sun for the developing seed on its back.

119. Venaperior: (Grass/Fire) To reproduce, the females slam their fists into the ground and rapidly shoot scorching hot seeds into the holes.

120. Dragikarp: (Dragon/Water) Many years ago, Dragikarps were an ancient civilized race that became extinct when the climate changed. All that remains of their empire are their rusting machines.

121. Plech: (Normal/Poison) It is so terible at fighting that it can't fight its own kind. They are born from raw sewage.

122. Slopplaugh: (Normal/Poison) Some say it mutated from pokemon living in toxic liquids, others say it is made from their waste. Nobody really wants to talk about it.

123. Tex-Doll: (Flying/Fighting) A Slopplaugh tried to make itself presentable by getting inside a tacky costume. The smell is gone but its looks are still foul, according to anyone who sees it.

124. Shellech: (Bug/Poison) It squeezed so much into its shell that its lips are gone, exposing its disgraceful teeth.

125. Pogoga: (Normal/Flying) It bounces high to get some air and then glides to its nest. It will eat anything it can find, even a Spedian.

126. Hypnoff: (Psychic/Poison) The gases coming from its head dull the victim's senses. Then they are hypnotized to get food for it.

127. Seable: (Flying) The tentacle under its body traps fish and hands it up to its mouth. When not on the land, they hop on the tentacle to get around.

128. Groviary: (Grass/Flying) It is called the king of the jungle skies. It snatches prey so easily that its almost invisible amoung the trees.

129. Centaurufett: (Steel) The first of the legendary horse trio. Its metal arm can crush almost anything. It has two brains to control it mentally and physically.

130. Deathmare: (Ghost) Various ghosts banded together to form this pokemon. It can teleport from the spirit world to the real world and back in a flash.

131. Aerogrift: (Flying) The third and last member of the legendary horse trio. It flies across the world to to give life to dying pokemon with a flap of its wings.

132. Mewtini: (Psychic) It is able to enter a person's or pokemon's dream and even take them there. It changes into a dream form whenever it does this.

133. Artmoncuno: (Ice/Fighting) It is able to run on water and fly above or swim below the water. It has two forms, angel and mermaid.

134. Rayzam: (Psychic/Dark) Two Rayzams exist in only two dimensions, one white, one black. They mirror each other's movements in their respective dimension and sometimes switch places.

135. Golix: (Rock) It is said that a certain mountain is actually just Golix in suspended animation for millions of years. No-one knows how to awaken it.

136. Haxtile: (Dark) It is the ultimate ninja of the night. It's so elusive that anyone who sees it suffers illness afterwards. This is known as Haxtile's curse.

137. Metorrior: (Steel) It was created to fight in wars in Dragikarp Civilization millions of years ago. After centuries of being buried in the darkness, it now seeks a challenger.

138. Xenaldo: (Electric/Psychic) It crashlanded onto our moon and underwent mutations for thousands of years. Since then, it has attacked anyone who tries to explore the moon.

139. Planeton: (Grass/Rock) This pokemon has a whole ecosystem living on its back. It travels the world by sea or land to keep it from dying out. Long extinct pokemon live on its back.

140. Skyworm: (Bug/Ground) It's said that Skyworm has the power to create chasms, caves and even shape rivers and creeks. Not only this, but it also can fly if its disturbed.

141. Mehra: (Psychic) It transforms itself into inanimate objects by day. Come nightfall and it changes back. People who look at it could get turned into pokemon themselves.

142. Lifarurim: (Grass/Dragon) It existed when the world's oceans had just formed. It used its power to create the first life forms.

143. Mew-M (Psychic/Flying) It is born from the blood of MissingDemon. It is said that one day it will cause the downfall of all life on earth.

144. Armoured Sandshrew: (Ground) It trains every day for when MissingDemon is ressurected to cause evil again.

145. Shineslash: (Light) Its sword is made out of pure golden light, enough to vanquish darkness easily.

146. Missinghost: (???) It has posessed the body of a dead pokemon. Its undead power is beaten only by MissingDemon.

147. MissingDemon: (???) The undead being that controls all the evil creatures that exist in this world. Destroy him and the world is no longer in peril. It has an alternate form. It once tried to destroy the world before, but it was foiled by brave pokemon. Can you follow in their footsteps?
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10. Dragikarp
9. Shineslash
8. Mew-M.
7. Xenaldo.
6. Planeton.
5. Pialdragon.
4. Slopplaugh.
3. Zicanth.
2. Giantette.
1. Rapturr.
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